Seller Agreements

Charleston Real Estate Buyers Guide

Seller Agreements

Because there are two parties present when selling and buying a home, you’ll have to reach a seller agreement before you can call the home yours. Our Charleston luxury real estate experts will help you present an offer, sort through any negotiations, and draw up a final contract.

Presenting an Offer

To reach an agreement with the home’s seller, you’ll have to present your offer to the listing agent. Once it’s received, the seller will either accept your offer, reject your offer, or present a counter offer. No matter what the seller responds, we can help you through the next steps.


If the home’s seller presents a counter offer, we’ll work with you to determine what your next offer will be. In addition, we’ll also determine the contract items (if any) that need to be negotiated. Once the negotiations are in motion, it may take several days for a final offer to be reached.

Final Contract

Once you and the seller have reached a compromise, we’ll go ahead and draw up a final contract to purchase your home. This contract will break down exactly what you’re agreeing to pay and how you’re going to pay it. After this, it’s not long until you can call your new home in Charleston your own.