Settlement Process

Charleston Real Estate Buyers Guide

Settlement Process

Finally having your new home is exciting and at Daniel Ravenel SIR, we’ll help you through all of the final steps including the review, removal of contingencies, final paperwork, and the walk-through and closing. Once we’re all finished, you’ll be the proud new owner of a luxury home in the Charleston area!


We’ll review your home’s preliminary title report to make sure any outstanding taxes are paid, go over mortgage liens, and insure a proper and clear title transfer. We’ll also help you schedule all of the necessary inspections before the final paperwork.

Removal of Contingencies

Once any contingency issues are fully agreed upon between you and the home’s seller, our experts will remove them from the contract so that the final few steps will go smoothly.

Final Paperwork

Before the final closing, you’ll need to acquire a property appraisal, final approval, and the lender documentation needed for closing – all of which we can help you sort through. In addition, we can help you choose the right homeowners and flood insurance agent to make sure your home is well protected in the future.

Walk-Through and Closing

Our Charleston luxury real estate experts will schedule a final walk-through of your home and property before you complete the closing to make sure that everything is in good shape and all repair requests have been completed. After that, we’ll set a closing date and have all of the final documents prepared. Once the date arrives and the paperwork is signed, you’ll be the proud owner of a beautiful, luxury home in the Charleston area!